Welltrix International Company. (hereinafter “Welltrix”) engaged in the business of providing test and measurement (T&M) solutions to the electronics manufacturing and information technology industries.

As a testament to Welltrix’s reputation leading brands such as Weiss Technik (CSZProducts), AWT Global, GL Communications, LUCIOL, and Consultixwireless has partnered together with Welltrix on an exclusive basis, to offer a full range of products to the end customers in Vietnam.

What makes Welltrix stand out in the area of Customer Care, it is the providing much options levels for comprehensive Service and solutions for proactive and reactive support of products and services supplied.

- Supplier Food Processing Solutions (A business division of Welltrix)

- Supplier Telecommunication Test Equipment & Solutions

- Supplier Wireless Test Equipment

- Supplier Environmental Test Chambers

- Supplier of systems and software for vibration testing, structural dynamics, and acoustic analysis

- Supplier Military antenna and equipment 

- Supplier VSAT/TVRO Equipment

- Supplier Technology Transfer & Consultant

- Supplier Free Professional Technical Support available 8AM-5PM

Welltrix’s products are known for their quality, scalability, ease of use and innovative technology. We listen carefully to our customers and work with them to ensure they receive the best products and service to fulfill their services needs.

Contact US:

Welltrix International Company

Website: http://welltrix.com (Division of Technologies), 

Website: http://welltrixtools.com (Division of Food Processing machines)

Email: sozo@welltrix.com

Mobile phone/WhatsApp: 097 650 3940


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