Remote Conditioners

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Remote Conditioners

Two Chambers for the Price of One

Our dual-purpose RC-Series Remote Conditioners are designed to either deliver temperature-conditioned air to remote sites or operate as completely independent, self-contained temperature chambers and/or humidity test chambers.

Consider a remote conditioner from CSZ if you have a unique test or if it is too difficult for your product to fit into a standard chamber. When finished with your test requirements, you can use the same chamber for temperature/humidity cycling — yielding a greater return on investment.

Model RC(H),  ZPRC(H)
Workspace Volume 8, 16, 32, 44 or 64 cu. ft. (230L, 450, 900L, 1250 or 1810L)
Custom sizes available
Temperature Range Single Stage: -34°C to 190°C (-30°F to 375°F)
Tundra®: -45°C to 190°C (-50°F to 375°F)
Cascade: -70°C to 190°C (-94°F to 375°F)
Optional Humidity Range 10% to 95% RH
Blower Capacity 300 to 800 CFM
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