WaVue Spectrum Analyzer

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WaVue™ Spectrum Analyzer

RF Spectrum Analyzer is an invaluable tool for the test, design, and maintenance of radio frequency signals, circuitry, and equipment. Engineers have been widely using spectrum analyzers to measure frequency response noise and distortion characteristics of all kind of radio frequency circuitry. Also, in EMC testing, the wireless spectrum analyzer is used for basic pre-compliance testing. In Telecom applications, wireless spectrum analyzers are gaining more and more interest since the spectrum is considered the most valuable asset for wireless networks. Here, the wireless spectrum analyzer is used in several ways and in different phases ranging from determining occupied bandwidth up to tracking interference sources (Interference hunting)

Dynamic and evolving test environments gave rise to the need for a device that’s really handheld yet accurate and convenient for portable use. Emerging needs and different use-cases call for a wireless spectrum analyzer that can be handled in an ergonomic way and to give users the whole functionality and accessibility required to accomplish test missions in a quick and professional manner. While conventional RF spectrum analyzers used to be known for its performance, such equipment is not that friendly nor healthy for portable use. Besides, conventional spectrum analyzer’s complex capabilities required an expert user to get the mission done. On the other hand, handheld spectrum analyzers (mostly low-cost spectrum analyzers) don’t fulfill the need for passable performance and adequate user interface. To avoid such under-performing solutions when cost is the issue, some companies look for other price affordable approaches such as refurbished or used spectrum analyzers to maximize their ROI. While in many cases it turns out to be an inconvenient choice due to the size and unexploited capabilities of the lab-oriented equipment.

As a technology leader dedicated since years to fulfill the niche requirements of test & measurement users, Consultix provides engineers & technicians with a state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and compact spectrum analyzer; the WaVue™-4. Combining features required for signal measurements and interference analysis, this model is magnificently convenient for labs as well as field use. The WaVue™-4 handheld spectrum analyzer is addressing the need for a tool that is engineered for field use and taking into consideration the different use-cases and conditions associated with this mission; I.E. an RF spectrum analyzer that is durable and convenient. Here, durability means maximum RF protection, and ruggedized construction, while convenience involves ease of use, intuitive user interface, flexible test accessibility, and the compactness. Maintaining comparable performance and accuracy of conventional spectrum analyzers, the WaVue™-4 is enabled to serve in several laboratory applications that don’t necessitate the whole capabilities of benchtop spectrum analyzer. The highly compact size of the WaVue™-4 spectrum analyzer paves the way for testing scenarios that have been hard to realize such as inbuilding sites I.E. DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) and small cells. Furthermore, it allows testing with minimum connection setup in some cases.


Consultix provides field engineers & technicians with a compact cost-effective spectrum analyzer; the WaVue™-4.

Employing state-of-the-art reception techniques and combining features required for signal and interference analysis, this model is magnificently convenient and efficient for field missions as well as several lab applications.

The tester is devised in an innovative modular concept saving users’ CAPEX and enhancing logistics’ cycle.

State-of-the-art Zero-IF and FFT Techniques are combined in the WaVue™-4 to provide required accuracy and speed.

The device supports a frequency range from 400 to 4000 MHZ which covers most of the wireless bands serving 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE) as well as WIFI 2.4 GHz band.

The 4.3” touch screen enables measurements at maximum ease and handiness with a myriad of UI features to sort, review and compare curves and readings.



  • Wireless spectrum measurements & analysis
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Interference detection & analysis
  • Radio equipment maintenance & testing
  • Wireless network planning
  • Wireless network troubleshooting
  • Baseline measurements
  • EMC pre-compliance tests
  • Antenna measurement labs
  • Wireless education laboratories
  • Radio research




  • DANL performance: -115dBm (100KHz RBW)

  • Interference Hunting Mode (Optional)

  • Spectrogram / Waterfall Display

  • Beeper Mode for interference location

  • Long-Term Spectrum Logger

  • Multi-trace, markers, and limit lines

  • Preset band lists

  • RF Accessories


  • Lightweight, only 765 gm (1.7 pounds)

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum enclosure

  • Industrial 4.3” Touchscreen

  • RF & Shock protection

  • Industrial RF Ports

  • Global Stock Delivery

  • Quick service programs

  • User-friendly user interface

  • Field replaceable battery





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Frequency Range 400 to 4000 MHz
Frequency accuracy <2.5 ppm
RBW 100 KHz, 250 KHz & 500 KHz
Span 100 KHz to full span (3.6 GHz)
Sensitivity (DANL) -115 dBm
Amplitude accuracy ±2 dB
Image rejection 35 dBc
Measurement speeds 100 ms / 100 MHz (@RBW 500 KHz)
RF Protection 20 dBm
Weight 765 g (1.7 lbs.) including battery
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