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Wireless Network Simulation
(5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, IP, TDM)

End-to-End Wireless (2G/3G/4G/5G) Network Simulation Test Suite to provide an advanced full-fledged “Live Network” at your company premises in any customized package to suit test requirements.


Wireless Network Simulation

Communications Network Lab

5G Core Network Lab

4G LTE EPC + IMS Access + Core Network Lab

3G UMTS Access + Core Network Lab

2G and 2.5G Access + Core Network Lab


GL’s End-to-End Wireless Network Simulation Test Suite provides you an advanced full-fledged “Live Network” at your company premises in any customized package to suit test requirements.

The entire test suite is built on common MAPS™ Platform framework architecture. The test suite can be used to simulate all or specific elements within wireless networks infrastructure using simple ready-to-use test bed setups.

The test suite provides reliable integrated solutions to vendors and service providers for simulation, monitoring, troubleshooting the any wireless network, including, 4G, 3G, 2G and upcoming 5G. All functionalities conform to industry standards.

Test, monitor, and troubleshoot all the core network elements and traffic types within the Wireless infrastructure for deployment-readiness, functionalities, inter-operability, performance and latest mobile features. Test end-user applications, devices, and services on a simulated wireless infrastructure environment prior to deployment on a real-time network.

Why MAPS™ Wireless Network Simulation Test Suite?

Simple-to-setup and execute

  • All operations and individual nodes in a network can be controlled remotely from a Remote MAPS™ system
  • Simple test bed configurations to establish communication between different network elements, and the mobile phones
  • Ability to add unlimited number of user profiles, and scripts
  • The ready-to-use scripts makes testing procedure simpler which are used to quickly setup calls generating and verifying data traffic.  



  • Higher volume Voice and SMS calls (hundreds of calls/sec and 64,000 simultaneous calls/platform) with MAPS™ RTP HD appliance.
  • Easily achieve massive simulation of UEs (up to 500000) with high density (up to 4 Gbps or 40 Gbps) mobile traffic (stateful HTTP/PCAP) generation per MAPS™ PacketLoad appliance.



  • Simply scale up with a greater number of systems to achieve higher performances


Programmable and Scriptable

  • MAPS™ based simulators provide a unique “programmable, scriptable” framework independent of any protocol or network
  • Supports a variety of protocols under common architecture framework
  • Fine control any parameter in the emulated network environment. The scripts are events-driven and provide fine control over call behaviour
  • Unlimited ability to edit signaling messages, protocol fields, and call flows
  • Precisely time communication between different core network entities


Use Cases

  • Test and verify web services, and mobile applications over emulated wireless networks
  • Pin-point and troubleshoot network issues with comprehensive logging and analysis tools
  • Monitor End-to-End Connectivity with automated call flows and data connectivity over multiple interfaces
  • Test Inter-Operability issues and handovers with different network lab setups
  • Perform Feature Tests, Conformance Tests, and Functional Tests on individual nodes  - supports both single and Multi-interface testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Migration Testing
  • Voice and Data Quality measurements with comprehensive voice and data quality tools
  • Advanced Voice Feature Testing
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