PROTOCOL ANALYZER TDM, IP, 2G, 3G, 4G, & 5G Networks

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TDM, Packet, and Wireless Protocol Analysis

Protocol Analysis


GL's protocol analyzer provides monitoring a communication link in accordance with industry protocol standards by non-intrusively tapping the network under test. The simple framework of the protocol analysis software helps you easily identify the improper sequence of protocol messages, and filter out frames causing the protocol violation.



GL carries the widest array of protocol analyzers for TDM, Wireless, and Packet networks. Based on a uniform architecture with identical features and functions, they can be used flexibly for a wide variety of tasks, including

  • as independent standalone units for simple interface analysis
  • as remote or offline protocol analyzers
  • as "probes" integrated with a network surveillance systems
  • as network elements for advanced traffic collection and processing
  • as a "packet sniffer" to intercept, log, and replay traffic over a digital network
  • as a "network troubleshooter" - drill through huge captured protocol traces using extensive filter and search capabilities, centralized tracking and monitoring
  • a "common standardized UI" to support the testing of 2G, 2.5G, 3G, and 4G networks

Typical examples include, continuous recording of protocol exchange on an SS7 interface, limited only by hard disk or network storage space; or triggering, collecting and filtering for unique subscriber information and relaying such information to a back end processor; or collecting CDR information for billing.


Wireless Protocol Analyzers

LTE (Long Term Evolution) Protocol Analyzer

UMTS Protocol Analyzer

CDMA 2000 Protocol Analyzer

GPRS Protocol Analyzer

TRAU Protocol Analyzer

GSM Protocol Analyzer

Network Surveillance System

Backhaul Network Testing Solutions

ATM Protocol Analyzer


IP Protocol Analyzers

MC-MLPPP Protocol Analyzer

Frame Relay Protocol Analyzer

UMTS Protocol Analyzer


SIP, H.323, SIP-I, SIP-T

Network Surveillance System

CDMA 2000 Protocol Analyzer

GSM Protocol Analyzer

GPRS Protocol Analyzer

ISDN Protocol Analyzer

Megaco Protocol Analyzer

MGCP Protocol Analyzer

Diameter Protocol Analyzer

RTP, RTCP, Digits, Tones, Voice, Fax, and Video over IP


TDM Protocol Analyzers

Physical Layer Alarms & Errors

TDM Protocol Identifier

CAS (Channel Associated Signaling) Protocol Analyzer

ISDN Protocol Analyzer

SS7(C7) Protocol Analyzer

Real-time & Remote SS1 Protocol Emulator and Analyzer

HDLC Protocol Analyzer

DDS Protocol Analyzer

GR-303 Protocol Analyzer

V5.x Protocol Analyzer

T1 Facility Data Link Analysis

DCME Protocol Test and Analysis

E1 Maintenance Data Link Analysis (SA Bits HDLC Decode /Store)

Remote Protocol Analyzer (HDLC Based)

Network Surveillance System

MC-MLPPP Protocol Analyzer

ATM Protocol Analyzer



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