Neuron DAS Continuity Monitoring

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Consultix Neuron™

The tiny battery-operated device is directly mounted on each DAS antenna to periodically transmit a keep-alive signal backward along the DAS path down to the equipment room where the Neuron gateway is located to report all probe alarms to the SpectraQual server.

The Keep-alive signal which is transmitted back into the antenna path, verifies the infrastructure continuity regardless of the carried technology or operational bands.

The gateway extracts probe messages out of the DAS infrastructure at the equipment room from the combiner matrix or using a directional coupler, quadplexer..etc. Then it reports all probe statuses to the SpectraQual server.
The gateway comes in different variances either for commercial or public safety applications.


  • Non-intrusive probes (generic for any DAS infrastructure)

  • Economical monitoring of DAS sites

  • No band limitations (as long as the path elements pass the band of the signals)

  • Extended range between the gateway and probes

  • Supported by SpectraQual server with web-based UI for system operation, configuration, data insights.

  • Maximum band versatility.



Frequency bands Monitors DAS continuity regardless of the carried bands (as long as the path elements pass the supported frequency ranges of the keep-alive signal)
Measurements Infrastructure continuity from DAS equipment room to the antenna
Probing method Periodic keep-alive signal sent from the antenna along the path to the equipment room
Reporting Interval 1 to 60 minutes
Battery life time >4 years (@ 15-minute interval) *
Probe Weight 35 gm (1.25 oz)
Gateway Capacity 1000 probes / gateway
Gateway Connectivity to server Ethernet (Optional WIFI and Cellular)
Server Setup On-Premises or Cloud
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