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PacketScan™ - All-IP Analyzer

All-IP or NGN Signaling and Traffic (RTP, RTCP, Fax, Video), Monitoring


PacketScan™ All IP Analyzer architechture


With most carriers rolling out multi-services, including voice, video, fax, and data transported via packet networks, there is need for constant testing and monitoring of Quality of Service (QoS) and Network Performance of Next Generation Networks (NGN).

GL's PacketScan™ - an All-IP Network Monitoring software offers powerful features to capture and monitor live signaling and traffic over IP (version 4 and 6). The application can capture, segregate, monitor and collect statistics all types of calls over IP. Almost all VoIP and Wireless protocols and traffic types over IP network, as listed here, can be captured and decoded for troubleshooting network problems.


The PacketScan™ is available in the following flavors -

  • Real-time PacketScan™ (PKV100) software
  • PacketScan™ HD (High Density) IP Traffic Analyzer w/ 4x1GigE (PKV120) – includes Online PKV100 for temporary audio codec support
  • PacketScan™ HD (High Density) Network Monitoring Appliance w/ 2x10GigE (PKV122) – includes Online PKV100 for temporary audio codec support
  • PacketScanPX™ application combines the features of PacketScan™ analyzer with the capabilities of PacketExpert™ hardware capture and filter features

GL’s PacketScan™ HD is a high density multi-protocol 2U rack mounted network monitoring appliance that can capture and process packets over IP on high speed Ethernet links of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps links.

Packet Data Analysis (PDA) is an outstanding tool for live monitoring of signaling and traffic over IP. Packet Data Analysis (PDA) is distributed with GL’s Packet Analyzers, allowing users to monitor live IP networks including capture, analysis, and reporting of every call in detail. Supported protocols include SIP, MSRP, MEGACO, MGCP, H.323, SCCP, RANAP (UMTS IuCS), GSM A, CAMEL, BICC, ISUP, MAP, Gb, and GTP. It can capture IP packets over different transmission lines, including IP, T1, E1, T3, E3, and OC-3 STM-1 / OC-12 STM-4. PDA then processes the captured packets, identifies, and segregates calls based on signaling and traffic parameters.

GL also enhanced PacketScanPX™ application which combines the features of PacketScan™ analyzer with the capabilities of PacketExpert™ hardware capture and filter features.

PacketScanPX™ utilizes the PacketExpert™ hardware's 1G/10G wirespeed capture and filter capability, and combines it with PacketScan™'s real time Protocol Analysis, VoIP analysis, Voice Band Analysis, Call Data records etc. features, resulting in a powerful and flexible tool that meets any Ethernet/IP network monitoring needs.

For more information refer to PacketScanPX™ webpage.

Some of the important applications of PacketScan™:

  • Supports decoding of almost all industry standard signaling protocols – See Protocol List for more details.
  • Monitors QoS (quality of service) on voice and video calls
  • All traffic supported – Digits, Tones, Voice, Video, Fax Live monitoring Ipv4 and IPv6 (version 4 and version 6) networks
    • Listen audio data of a session in real-time
    • Perform power, frequency, spectral, tone and digit analysis
    • Monitor / record audio data of a session to files (QuickTime *.qt format)
    • Video Statistics provides a measure of Video Call Quality in IP networks; these include Media Type, SSRC, Packet Statistics, Average Delay/Gap, Video Frame count, Frame rate, Media Delivery Index (MDI- (Delay Factor: Media Loss Rate)), and Average MDI for each session
  • SIP ED-137/ED-138 for Air Traffic Monitoring (Air-to-Ground, Ground-to-Ground calls, and Record interface)
  • Capture and monitor live signaling and MSRP traffic over IP interface
  • Segregates, captures, and collects statistics on VoIP and Wireless calls 
  • Permits analysis of adherence to protocol standards for the system under test or observation
  • Provides graphical presentation of analysis including ladder diagrams of protocols
  • Supported on Windows® 10 Operating System

Thousands of calls can be monitored in real-time including detailed analysis of selected voice band streams. Applications include testing of IP phones, Gateways, IP Routers and Switches, and Proxies.

Detailed call statistics such as packet loss, gap, jitter, delay, RTP performance statistics, R-factor & MOS scores, and unparalleled voice band statistics can be monitored simultaneously. Sophisticated filters permit zooming and recording of specific calls of interest.

What sets apart PacketScan™ is its ability to collect vital statistics about calls for theoretically infinite time. The ability of PacketScan™ to capture data is limited only by the hard disk capacity of the PC. It can work with NetSurveyorWeb™ and NetSurveyorWeb™ Lite, a web-based central monitoring system for a comprehensive view of network performance. It features rich graphics, ladder diagrams and CDRs (Call Detail Records). NetSurveyorWeb™ Lite is an easy plug-and-play system that collects data, segregates, and provides comprehensive analysis of network health, detailed protocol monitoring with historical data retention up to 9 GB.

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