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T1/E1 carriers are used extensively throughout the world for carrying large volumes of call containing both voice and data. Their popularity can be attributed to their high reliability, manageability and flexibility. The available digitized channels, 24 for T1 and 32 for E1 can be used for carrying voice and/or data. Further, the carriers can be used separately, or they can be combined in order to provide higher transmission bandwidth.

Regardless of the form-factor you choose, GL’s T1/E1 Analyzers provide a wide range of functionalities and testing capabilities.

GL's Octal & Quad T1 E1 Analyzer Boards are high-density boards that provide Four (4) or Eight (8) RJ-48 T1 E1 ports and multiples thereof. With this, configurations of 8, 12, 16, ...64 T1 E1s in a single rack is possible. It's designed for the newer PCIe lanes for faster processing and scalability.


GL's Dual T1 E1 Express (PCIe) Boards are high-density dual T1 or E1 boards with newer PCIe (x1) bus interface.  These cards are identical to the portable tProbe™ units, except for FXO FXS and Datacom functionality.  In addition to the other basic T1/E1 line signals monitoring applications, the Dual T1 E1 Express (PCIe) Boards also support enhanced VF drop and insert capabilities  with software selectable VF Tx and Rx impedances (135Ω, 150 Ω, 600 Ω, 900 Ω, or High), Pulse Mask Compliance Testing, Jitter Generation and Measurement applications.

GL's tScan16™ extends the family of GL’s T1/E1 platforms with greater density, increased ports, and reduced power. These boards along with a breakout-box provides 16 high-density T1/E1 ports and the newer PCIe (x1) bus interface. The sixteen T1/E1 ports are Receive-only ports optimized for high performance voice and data capture, monitoring, and analysis requirements.

The portable-compact USB-based T1 E1 Analyzer units support dual T1 or E1 ports and are highly portable and designed to be hosted by small computers (e.g. notebooks, laptops) making them especially convenient in the field.

The USB-based tProbe™ T1 E1 VF and Serial Data Analyzer units also support dual T1 or E1 ports and adds new functionality and features not available with the "portable" T1/E1 USB-based Analyzer. The enhanced features and capabilities include pulse mask and jitter measurement and analysis, cross-port through and transmit modes, enhanced VF drop and insert capabilities. Planned future expansion of the tProbe™ includes FXO RJ-11, FXS RJ-11 and dual DB25 connectors. Both types of analyzers sport features such as remote access, scripted control, and they can all support a vast array of optional applications.

The Dual Universal HD T1 E1 Analyzer Boards can be plugged into either a 5V or a 3.3V PCI bus. These newer generations of the dual T1 or E1 analyzer boards are faster, smaller, more efficient, and can process hundreds of channels or timeslots   simultaneously when housed in modern PCs. PCI boards are the better choice when multiple analyzers are needed at a given location.

GL offers mTOP™ Rackmount and mTOP™ Probe T1 E1 test platforms. The mTOP™ rackmount is a 1U/2U rack enclosure within which multiple USB T1 E1 devices can be stacked to provide higher density form factor solution in a compact size. The mTOP™ Probe is an all-in-one self-contained test instrument within which a T1 E1 USB pod is combined with the PC interfaces within one single box. The comprehensive mTOP™ Probe hardware unit is designed for easier portability and convenient for field testing. For more details on mTOP™ test platforms, refer to Test Tools in Rack Based and Stand-alone Platforms.


  • Available in all types of platforms – PCI and PCIe boards, USB-based portable units, mTOP™ rackmount stacked with multiple devices, mTOP™ Probe stand-alone unit.
  • Provides a scalable test solution for T1, E1, VF, and Datacom testing; Supports 2, 4, or 8 T1 or E1 ports, DTE and DCE interfaces, FXO, and FXS interfaces.
  • Ability to monitor Power, Frequency, Signaling, Binary Byte Values, and DC Offset
  • Time and spectral graphical views of any channel or timeslot can be monitored
  • Internal speaker for DS0 Monitoring, Data, Four Wire VF-Interface, Drop and Insertion of Analog and Digital Signals, Real-time Monitor and Time-Stamped Log of all alarms and abnormal events
  • Comprehensive Voice, Data, Protocol, Analog, Digital  Analysis / Emulation
  • Call Recording, Generation, and Monitoring for hundreds to thousands of calls in one platform
  • tProbe™ units, Dual PCIe Express, and Universal T1/E1 boards supports Pulse mask, jitter generation and measurement
  • Adjustable transmit clock frequency for testing frequency lock sensitivity of tProbe™  and Universal T1/E1 equipment
  • Precision Delay Measurement, Unframed/Framed, Transmit/Receive Tone and signaling bits at user-defined frequency and power in one (or all) channels, and Tx/Rx loopback applications are provided for intrusive testing
  • Supports Full/Fractional T1/E1 Bit Error Rate Testing with detailed logging
  • Transmit Gaussian noise, Error Insertion capabilities
  • A variety of “basic applications” and “special applications” are supported with T1 E1 cards
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