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Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™)

Message automation and protocol simulation test tool that supports simulation of a variety of protocols (VoIP/IP, TDM, Analog, Wireless) all within a single framework. The application includes various test plans and test cases to support the testing of real-time entities.


MAPS™ IP, TDM, 3G, 4G and 5G Protocols Emulation architecture


Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is a protocol simulation and conformance test tool that supports a variety of protocols such as SIP, MEGACO, MGCP, SS7, ISDN, GSM, MAP, CAS, LTE, UMTS, SS7 SIGTRAN, ISDN SIGTRAN, SIP I, GSM AoIP, Diameter and others. Along with automation capability, the application gives users the unlimited ability to edit messages and control scenarios.

MAPS™ works on TDM, Ethernet and IP interfaces. TDM signaling protocols such as SS7, ISDN, MLPPP, CAS, MAP, CAP, GSM, INAP, and BICC operate over TDM networks, whereas VoIP protocols SIP, SIP-I, MEGACO, MGCP, SIGTRAN, Diameter, INAP, MAP, CAP, and BICC operate over IP networks.

MAPS™ also supports 3G & 4G mobile protocol standards for testing the rapidly evolving mobile technologies. MAPS™ can simulate radio signaling protocols such as LTE (S1, eGTP, X2) interfaces and UMTS (IuCS, IuPS, IuH), GPRG Gb,and GSM A, GSM Abis over IP transport layer.

MAPS™ framework is enhanced to simulate End-to-End 5G core (5GC) network elements - UE+gNB, AMF, SMF, UPF, AUSF, UDM, UDR, EIR, PCF along with data and voice traffic (VoLTE support) generation. GL’s MAPS™ supports emulation of following 5GC network interfaces N1N2, N4, N8, N10, N11, N12, N13, N17, N20, N21.

MAPS™ supports transmission and detection of various traffic types over  IP (RTP, GTP), ATM, GSM (TRAU), & TDM - such as, digits, voice file, single tone, dual tones, fax, sms, email, http, ftp, and video. MAPS™ also includes support for wide range of codec rates – visit Traffic Simulation and Voice-Codecs webpage for more details. Verify your latest mobile features over the network with various types of traffic generators and receivers. In GPRS, packet data traffic can be generated and validated with GTP traffic modules. Circuit switched traffic can be generated and recorded using RTP core module.

GL’s MAPS™ LCS test suite comprises of multiple products working in tandem to support simulation of end-to-end location based services in GSM, UMTS, and LTE networks.

MAPS™ test suite is enhanced to simulate multiple UEs and IMS core elements such as P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, PCRF, MGCF in IMS core network. With the help of mobile phones, and other simulated wireless networks, the VoLTE Lab setup can be operated in real-time for making VoLTE calls and also for interworking with PSTN and VoIP networks.

GL’s End-to-End Communications Network Lab (EE-CNL) provides reliable integrated solutions to vendors and service providers for simulation, monitoring, troubleshooting the network using MAPS™ 5G 4G 3G 2G Wireless Lab Suite’.

GL’s MAPS™ is enhanced to a High Density version and a special purpose 1U network appliance that is capable of high call intensity (hundreds of calls/sec) and high volume of sustained calls (tens of thousands of simultaneous calls/1U platform).

MAPS™ can emulate any network element in any technology including Analog, TDM, IP, ATM, and Wireless. The following list is a sampling of the more important protocols supported, but NOT a complete list.

  • Analog – R1, R2, MFC-R2, SS1/SS4, SS5, and more
  • TDM – CAS, SS7, ISDN, ML-PPP, MAP, CAP, GSM, INAP, BICC and more
  • IP – SIP, SIP-I, RTP, H.323, Skinny, MEGACO, MGCP, SIGTRAN, DIAMETER, INAP, MAP, CAP, MSRP, ED-137, and many more
  • Wireless 2G and 2.5G – Abis, A,Gb,Gn and TRAU, Lb
  • Wireless 3G – UMTS – IuPS, IuCs, Iuh, Gn, IuPC
  • Wireless 4G – IMS, S1, eGTP (S5, S8, S11), X2AP, SGs, SLs, SLh
  • Wireless 5G – N1N2, N4, N4, N8, N10, N11, N12, N13, N17, N20, N21

Standard and optional codec support includes G.711, G.726, G.726 App 2, G.729 A/B, GSM, iLBC, Speex, G.722.2, AMR NB, AMR WB, EVRC, EVRC-B, EVRC-C, EVS, and Opus. Voice Quality Metrics such as MOS (as per ITU-T G.107), packet loss, duplicate and out of sequence can be measured.  Video calls can be simulated. Fax call support includes pass through Fax and T.38 Fax.


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