PIM Analyzers for TETRA and 380-470 MHz Band (UHF)

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PIM Analyzers for TETRA and 380-470 MHz Band (UHF)


  • Test Modes: Field Mode, Analyzer, multi PIM display, Rx sweep, PIM vs. Time, Single Carrier for Insertion Loss (IL) measurements.
  • Embedded DTP option: Distance-to-PIM, VSWR, DTF
  • High PIM sensitivity: -163 dBc @ 2x 43 dBm carriers.
  • Data recording: CSV, PDF, BMP screen shots.
  • Output power adjustable 2x  15dBm to 44dBm.
  • Large 10.2″ Touch Screen Display.
  • Convenient One-Body-Solution

Low PIM components and installations are particularly important for highest network capacity and reliable transmission.  Signal degradation caused by PIM effects reduces data capacity and can lead to interrupted and even dropped calls. 


PIM S1L TETRA & UHF analyzers ideal for component testing in laboratory and quality assurance, but are also valuable field tools, providing vital test results in TETRA & UHF networks. Specifications and measurement accuracy are exceptional and of PIM S1L analyzers deliver reliable results. They are very easy to operate; just the touch of a button to start predefined tests.

Our PIM S1L analyzers deliver constant CW Power signals during PIM measurements. This makes them fully conform to PIM specification IEC 62037, the standard for PIM testing. PIM S1L analyzers offer variable measurement signal output power from 15 dBm to 44 dBm. They provide even a Single-Carrier-Mode, ideal for Insertion Loss and coverage measurements.

Market leading dynamic range and low receiver noise level makes these analyzers perfect for testing, pinpointing and eliminating PIM. Results can be stored as PDF, BMP screen shots, or as CSV files. Our patented DTP measurement is highly accurate, and immediately available just at the push of a button.

“When public safety officers assign their staff to critical missions, they rely on the performance of their TETRA & UHF networks. Communication and data transmission must not experience any PIM distortion. PIM S1L MK2 TETRA & UHF helps to establish highest quality networks”.


Order Number

Technologies / Type

Tx Frequency (MHz)

Rx Frequency (MHz)

PS1L400 MK2 TETRA 390 ~ 400 380 ~ 385
PS1L400E MK2 E-TETRA 420 ~ 430 410 ~ 412
PS1L385 MK2 TETRA 385 385 ~ 400 410 ~ 425
PS1L450 LTE 450 Band 31 460 ~ 470 450 ~ 455
PS1L465 LTE 450 MHz  – UL / DL frequencies only 462.5 ~ 467.5 452.5 ~ 457.5
PS1L-xxx various Contact factory for other frequency combinations.

Options & Accessories

POPT1 DTP (Distance to PIM) / VSWR / DTF (Distance to Fault) Option
PACC2L Accessory Kit: (1) low PIM cable 3m / 10ft, low PIM 100W (380-2800 MHz), (4) adapters, torque wrench with hard carry case
PIMGEN PIM Source: Generator with preset PIM value of -80dBm (+/- 10). Quick indication of system functionality. Ideal for test and training.
PLOAD100L PIM Load 100W, PIM: < -163 dBc @ 2x43dBm, 380-2800 MHz, DIN 7/16(f)
PLOAD50L PIM Load: 50W / 10 W (25 mins / permanent), PIM: < -163 dBc @ 2x43dBm, 380-2800 MHz, DIN7/16 (f) – DIN 7/16 (m)
 ADA-DMDF Low PIM Adapter, PIM <-165dBc @ 2x43dBm, DIN(m)-DIN(f), Connector Saver
 LIC308-DMDM-3M Low PIM Cable 2M (10 ft), PIM<-165 dBc @ 2x43dBm, DIN(m) – DIN(m), metal protection collars
 LIC308-DMDM-1M Low PIM Cable 1M (3 ft), PIM<-165 dBc @ 2x43dBm, DIN(m) – DIN(m), metal protection collars



Carrier Power +15 to +44 dBm
Power Accuracy +/- 0.35 dB
Frequency Accuracy 2 ppm
Reverse Pwr. Protection +43 dBm for 5 sec


Reverse IM @ 2x43dBm -120 dBm / -163 dBc typ.
Noise Floor -132 dBm (@300Hz)
Dynamic Range (typical) > 80 dB
Reverse Power Protection +43 dBm for 5 sec
Max Input Power 0 dBm
Measurement Accuracy +/- 1.0 dB (typ.)

Distance to PIM / Distance to VSWR (Option)

DTP Accuracy 1 m typ.
DTF Accuracy (VSWR) 1 m
 Cable Types Built-in list of cables,
Editing and adding new cable types (Attenuation, Velocity)

Dimensions / Weight / Environment / Electrical

Dimensions 504 x 398 x 276 (mm)
19.8 x 15.7 x 10.9 (inch)
Weight ( standard / with POPT1) 28.5 kg (62.6 lb)  / 30.5 kg (67.0 lb)
Temperature 0 °C to +40 °C
Humidity 85 %, RH (non condensing)
Protection IP20
AC Power 100 to 240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 750 VA
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