Radar Signal Generators

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Radar Signal Generators

MRS Radar Signal Generators are developed and and manufactured by Acewavetech Korea, a leading company in advanced RF technology. These Radar Simulators can generate a variety of Radar Signals – simultaneously, which makes them ideal for radar receiver testing and in training Radar Operators on object detection, recognition and Electronic Warfare (EW). The simulators offer variety of simulation capabilities; including Radar Warning Receivers (RWR), Missile Warning Receivers (MWR) and other Electronic Warfare (EW) Receivers. 

MRS Radar Simulator can generate up to 16 simultaneous CW or Pulsed signals in their standard version, and up to 128 signals with optional extensions. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to program signal parameters. Geographic Information System (GIS) tools are also available (optional). The receiving band(s) are developed to customer specifications. Standard versions cover 2.0 GHz to 18 GHz, but MRS Radar generators are available from from 0.5 GHz up to 40 GHz. Check with your next sales office for more information.

  • Replicates real radar signal characteristics (Frequency, Phase, Pulse, Modulation, SCAN).
  • Simulation Scenarios: AOA Simulation, Radar Activity, Virtual Missions.
  • Ideal for Electronic Warfare training and Radar receiver testing.
  • 19” Standard Rack Mountable and Portable models are available.
  • Signal data library with up to 1024 entries.

 MRS – Series Models

For more information click here or select the model number in the chart below for the datasheet.


Frequency Range

Simultaneous Signals


Output Power




MRS-020180  2 to 18 GHz  16  +10 dBm  
MRS-020180-100  2 to 18 GHz  16  100 W  Amplifier and Antenna

Portable Radar Signal Generators

For use in field, maritime and other applications where portability is crucial.  The transmit antenna and amplifier are integrated, which allows the simulator and the receiver being tested, to be placed in separate locations.Radar Simulator 19inch_225x300


19″ Rack-Mount Radar Signal Generators

Ideal for creating a variety of scenarios for use in extensive training. Also perfect for receiver testing applications.

Radar Scan Types

Simulator & Threat Editor Software

RF Signal Parameter Management software runs on Windows operating systems. RF signals are composed of frequency, pulse and SCAN characteristics. All parameters are editable in an easy to use and clearly laid out user interface.



AWT Global - Radar Signal Generator - Radar SimulatorAOA Simulation

  • DF test using Amplitude and Angle of the Antenna.
  • Antenna pattern measurement
  • Signal level change at scheduled time

Radar Activity

  • Search Radars
  • Acquisition Radars
  • Tracking Radars

Virtual Missions



 Range  0.5 – 40 GHz
 NATO Bands  C, D, E, F, G, H, I , J, K
 IEEE Bands  UHF (upper), L, S, C, X, Ku, K, Ka
 Resolution  1 MHz
Accuracy  1 kHz (higher accuracy on request)
2 MHz (VCO and DTO)
 Type  Fixed, Agile (Sinusoid, Saw-Tooth, Triangular, Rectangular, Random), Hopping (up to 256 / sec)



 Type  CW, Stable, Jitter, Stagger (32 Steps), Dwell & Switch, Random
 Width Range  0.05 – 225 us
 Repitition Interval  1us – 1 sec
(longer possible)
 Density  Up to 1,000,000 pulses / sec (PPS)
 FMOP  Linear, Non-Linear
(FM Bandwidth depends on PW, 40 MHz max)
 PMOP Agile  Bi-Phase, Quadratic-Phase


Frequency Modulation on Pulse (FMOP)

 Pattern  Linear, non-Linear, Chirp up/down
 Agile  Sine, Triangular
 Range  10 – 512 MHz
 Accuracy  1 MHz


Phase Modulation on Pulse (PMOP)

 Pattern  Bi-Phase, Quadratic Phase
 Change Time  < 50 ns
 Accuracy  better than 20°



 Types  Electronic (Agile Beam), Conical, TWS, Steady, Sector, Lobe Switching, Circular, Helical, Raster, Bi-Directional, Use defined
 Rate  50ms – 10 sec
 AM  0 – 40 dB



 Number of RF Signals per Bank  1 CW + 1 Pulse Doppler Signal, or
1 CW + 16 Pulse Signals, or
17 Pulse signals
 Ports per Bank  1 Vertical Polarization,
1 Horizontal Polarization,
1 Monitoring
 Power (Signal)  > 15 dBm (other power levels on request)
 Monitoring Port  > 5 dBm (other power levels on request)


Communication Interfaces

 Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), USB, RS-232

Dimensions / Weight / Environment / Electrical

Dimensions Depends on model and configuration
Weight (frequency Depends on model and configuration
Power 110-240V +/- 10 %
Up to 30 minutes battery operation with maximal transmit power (portable instruments only)
Power Consumption Depends on model and configuration
Country of Origin Made in S.Korea
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